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Our Projects:

We are the masters of the hydraulics industry and we have a huge portofolio of projects of many different types and in many different places. For a full list of our work

​Private Pools

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Our Work includes both large scale and small scale projects, and we are confident in our quality in both. In this slide show you can see some private pools we worked on. A lot of popular people come to us for their private pools and we delivered the top quality we promised and have recieved very good feedback from them.

Public Pools

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Public Pools is out speciality 80% of Egypt's hotels and clubs have at least one project that is our work. If you travel and stay at hotels often you probably will have come across one of our public pools. You can easliy tell the difference between our work and others.

Olympic Pools

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Need a huge lake or an olympic pool? don't look any farther we are one of the few companies in Egypt who can make large scale pools and our work speaks for itself with projects like the Cairo university, Petrosport olympic pools and many others.

SPAs and      Entertainment

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Fountains and Waterfalls

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Our Engine Rooms

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Everybody loves relaxation and fun and so do we. We have a lot of spas/saunas and water massage stations in many places in Egypt. We also work in all water entertainment attratcions from water slides to water playgrounds. Our work brings the latest in technology to provide the best experience for both relaxation and entertainment

Not only are we keen on making our work very efficient but we also want make it very beautiful to look at and we take pride in making these projects that include artificial waterfalls and fountains.


You may have come across some of our work like Al Azhar Park fountains or Grand Hayat waterfalls.

Our engine rooms is our most valued asset we give to our customers. Even though its hidden it affects everything you see in the pool. We have a state of the art engine rooms with advanced designs and highest efficiency. You can easily tell our engine rooms from others.

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