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Who we are

We are SHB also known as Dar Al Khebra. We are pioneers in the water attractions industry and the first Egyptian company to enter the field, with projects distributed all over Egypt from Cairo to Hurgada and Sharm to Luxor and Aswan to Alexandria and the North Coast to Sokna and many other places. We Work on all kinds of Hydaulic projects from Large lakes to small pools, also we make SPAs and all kinds of fountains plus other water entertainment attractions. 


The company  started in 1968 by Engineer Samir Halim Boutros an innovator and a master in hydaulics engineering.


The company started off strong with projects like Sheraton Hurgada to  Mariott Omar Khayam pools and fountains and the company started growing even more after that, now the majority of the popular pools and water attractions in Egypt are our work. Notable mentions are like JW Mariott Mirage wave pool, Porto Sokhna, Porto Marina, Porto Cairo pools lakes others Like Hayat Regency in Sharm and the Al Dau resort in Hurgada and many many others.....


Engineer Samir Halim Boutros CEO and Founder of SHB

Our Policy is to always deliver work that is IEE




Intelligent Solutions 

Efficient Performance

Economic Designs

Working intelligent is very important and this has always kept us one step ahead of our competition. We have been innovating in the swimming pool industry for over 40 years and many of our designs have been later used by other companies. There is nothing we can't do. Our systems are always at the latest technology and we can adapt to any situation needed.

Creating smart and new idea is not always the best and most efficient solution so when we design something it is also very important to make it efficient. Space consumption wise/ electrical and water consumption wise. Also the process itself reduces the loses of energy in the system and provides the best each machine can offer, giving the customer a perfectly efficient and optimised system

The best quality is mostly assiciated with the highest price, however our work provides the most economic systems in the market. The efficiency is very high and there is no need for maintenance for a long time, thus leading to the highest return on investment. It will also save you the trouble of fxing the system every now and then. eventually leaing to a much better overall price than any other company in the market.

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